botox special

Qualified Victoria physicians help you develop a skin treatment plan for a rejuvenated you

We feel fortunate to live in beautiful Victoria  where our skin benefits from the mild and moist climate  and we can live and play outdoors year round.  Living here, it is easy to practice healthy eating, to regularly exercise, and to have a healthy mental outlook. But sometimes. we need help to look our best. With the rapid developments in skin care products, we can help you look and feel like a million dollars.

Why choose us?  We offer individualized treatment in a small boutique setting. Often you are the only patient in the clinic so we can totally focus on your needs. Video consultations are available for first time patients.

We love to educate our patients on wise skin care choices - whether or not to use a laser or other light therapy, whether botox might be a good choice, and whether filler may be an option. We also use botox to treat headaches, excessive sweating, and teeth grinding. These are all recognized medical uses for botox and as such may be covered by your third party extended health.

Doesn't it make sense to have a qualified physician develop a treatment plan tailored for YOU? I will consider all aspects of your health. My goal is a subtle approach to all aesthetic treatments which will result in a natural looking outcome. I have over 15 years of experience in aesthetics and I love what I do. Why not book for a consult today?

Online booking available from Monday to Friday 1000 to 1600.