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With the announcement of the move to Phase 3, we are now open for all services including filler. We are still requiring face masks to be worn in our clinic

Below is our plan for reopening on June 1, 2020

  1. We require ALL patients to wear a mask at all times in our clinic.
  2. Only one patient in the clinic at a time. We will ask that you arrive at your appointment time and knock on the door when you arrive.
  3. No-one will be admitted if experiencing any symptoms of illness (fever, cough, running nose etc) Let us know and we will rebook without a problem.
  4. For now, botox only. No filler and no lip botox for the foreseeable future.
  5. No cash. Credit or debit card only
  6. No accompanying people will be allowed into the clinic. This also applies to children.
  7. No washroom availability in our office?we will have a key for the hallway washroom

Both Shannon and I will be wearing personal protective gear. We will be cleaning all high touch areas after each visit. Our goal is to provide care while minimizing risks to all.

Qualified Victoria physicians help you develop a skin treatment plan for a rejuvenated you

We feel fortunate to be living in beautiful Victoria on Vancouver Island, where our skin benefits from the moist, mild climate and we can live and play outdoors year round. Living here it's easy to practice healthy eating, exercising outdoors and to have a healthy physical and mental outlook.

But sometimes we need help looking our best with a little of the medical aid available to us and some preventative medicine. With the rapid development in skin care technology comes a new generation of lasers, light therapies, dermal fillers and cosmetic products to help you look and feel like a million.

South Island offers a range of increasingly powerful treatments, from the best laser technology available - ProFractional - to the latest facial rejuvenation techniques, IPL light therapy - or just a fast botox renewal. Any skin challenge from wrinkles, loose skin, age spots, hair removal, even excess hand and underarm sweating benefits from our treatments.

It makes good sense for your skin treatment plan to be directed by a physician who considers all aspects of your health. We recommend a subtle approach to aesthetic interventions, resulting in a natural-looking outcome that you can live with far into the future.

South Island Medical Aesthetics is open Saturdays for your convenience. Call today for a complimentary consultation or to book an appointment 250-896-9099.